The entry-level professional DRC-Stream 500 bundle combines our DRC-500 PCI capture and preprocessing hardware with the intuitive Stream LE software, delivering real-tine, multi-format media capture, encoding, transcoding and streaming in a do-it-yourself package for installation into an existing PC.

Professional real-time encoding at an entry-level price
Today's network-enabled viewing platforms and devices offer the ability to reach wider audiences with your content than ever before. The DRC-Stream 500 card and software bundle adds real-time, multi-format video and audio encoding and streaming capabilities to an exissting Windows-based workstation, letting you reach your audience at higher quality, faster and more easily than ever before. The DRC-Stream 500 bundle combines the performance and quality advantages of hardware-based preprocessing with the format flexibility of software codecs, all controlled by an intuitive, streamlined user interface.

Designed for professional applications but priced competitively with software-only products, the DRC-Stream 500 bundle is ideal for corporate messaging, live web streaming, video archiving, security, distance education, government communications and many other applications. The DRC-500 hardware features basic analog inputs and the same high-quality video preprocessing capabilities bound in our higher-end cards. If you have video and want to get it onto the Internet, your local network, or even a CD or DVD, the DRC-Stream 500 bundle is the ideal low-cost solution.

Multiple formats, one easy workflow
No single encoding format is perfect for all viewing devices or audiences. The tightly integrated Stream LE software lets you output to multiple formats, all from a single interface for easy operation. Video and audio can be encoded to files or streamed in multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously in real time, giving you exceptional productivity while targeting multiple distribution channels with media optimized for each viewing environment. You can perform as many simultaneous encodes as your system's CPU horsepower will allow.

The Stream LE software leads you step-by-step through the process of creating multiple encoded formats. Stream LE is very easy to use - perfect for the novice, yet powerfully programmable for the expert user. Simply choose your video and audio inputs (encoding from a live input source, or transcoding from existing digital media files), select the formats you wish to encode to, and choose your destination (media files or live streams). Stream LE can manage encoding and output parameters for you using production-tested presets, or you can customize parameters in as much detail as you like. For even more software power, you can add the optional Stream FE software upgrade, with expanded workflow automation and integration capabilities.

Hardware-powered quality and performance
Video in; high-quality encoded files or streams video out. It’s that easy. DRC-500 hardware is more than just a capture card, and is designed specifically to provide optimal quality for video and audio encoding and streaming while making the most efficient use of bandwidth in the output file or stream. Hard
ware-baesd motion adaptive de-interlacing with pixel-level analysis lets you create video for PCs, mobile phones and other progressive-scan viewing devices from interlaced sources without the usual interlace artifacts. 2D and motion adaptive 3D noise reduction automatically reduce or even remove the noise in your video caused by low lighting conditions, analog tapes and other noise sources, allowing the video to be compressed more efficiently and at higher quality. DRC-500’s hardware pre-processing ensures consistently high quality and bandwidth efficiency while leaving the workstation’s CPU free to encode more outputs simultaneously. Hardware-based graphic overlay and video proc amp controls let you brand and refine your video, and each audio processing channel features 7-band parametric EQ and dynamic range compression/expansion to make sure your message gets through loud and clear.

Purpose-built, entry level capture card for real-time, multi-format video/audio ingest, encoding and streaming
Easy to use software, customizable for single-click encoding

Encode from live sources or decks; transcode from existing media files

Simultaneous output to multiple formats, resolutions and bitrates from same source lets you optimize for each audience
Hardware based video preprocessing (e.g. deinterlacing and noise reduction) for optimal quality and bandwidth usage
Hardware based audio preprocessing inc. EQ and dynamic range compression/expansion

Inputs and Encoding Channels
Video encoding channels (simultaneous inputs)
Audio processing channels
2 stereo
Composite inputs
Y/C (S-Video) inputs
Balanced audio (XLR)
Unbalanced audio (RCA)
Connections, Input Format Support
Video/audio input connectivity
Direct video and unbalanced audio connectivity; balanced audio through included breakout cable
Input video frame formats

480i @ 59.94Hz (NTSC),
576i @ 50Hz (PAL)

Audio support
48kHz/24-bit audio processing
(16-bit capture)
General Features
Capture/encode to files from live inputs or decks (w/o deck control)
Capture/encode to files from deck with RS-422 control
Transcode from source media files
Live streaming
Archive to files during live streaming
Hardware Preprocessing
Video pre-processing (motion adaptive de-interlacing, 2D & 3D noise reduction, aspect ratio conversion, cropping, scaling, filtering, proc amp controls, gamma correction)
Audio pre-processing (7-band parametric EQ per channel, dynamic range compression/expansion, bass/treble, sample rate conversion, volume)
Graphic overlay
Stream LE software features
Easy-to-use interface with single-click encoding
Simultaneous output to multiple codecs, resolutions and bitrates
Encoding formats (codecs and containers)
Standard: VC-1 (Microsoft Silverlight incl. IIS Smooth Streaming; Windows Media WMV), QuickTime, AVI, RealVideo and more. (Apple ProRes import available with third-party QuickTime filters).

Optional: AVC (H.264, MPEG-4 Part 10), MPEG-2, MPEG-1, H.264 for Web (Adobe® Flash® incl. Dynamic Streaming; Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming), On2 VP6, Dolby® Digital and Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse (AAC), JPEG2000, iPhone® H.264 with integrated segmenting, Avid DNxHD®, 3GPP, MXF, GXF, LXF, DVCPro, XDCAM HD, RED (import only) and more.
Interactive control of hardware preprocessing capabilities
Programmable event triggers (GPI , duration, custom keys)
Integration with Digital Rapids Transcode Manager (sold separately)
Optional Stream FE software upgrade
RS-422 deck control for batch capture and logging
Batch Encoding (real-time capture with auto transcode)
Video and audio processing plug-ins (graphic and video overlay, adaptive inverse telecine, color space conversion, audio track mix-down and more) with support for third-party DirectShow and DMO plug-ins
E-mail notifications and automated FTP distribution
Watch Folder support and batch Clip Lists for media file transcoding
Batch Encoding (real-time capture with auto transcode)
Direct DVD publishing
Integration with Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager (sold separately)


Click here for a complete chart of formats for each level of software.
Microsoft Silverlight (H.264, VC-1, Windows Media WMV, live and on-demand IIS Smooth Streaming)
Adobe Flash (H.264, or On2 VP6, Dynamic Streaming)
H.264 for Apple iPhone with integrated segmenting
MXF, GXF, LXF, Omneon
QuickTime (including Apple ProRes import)
AVI, Uncompressed
RED R3D (import)
Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse AAC, MP3, WAV
and more!

Breakout Box:
19" 1RU Rackmount Breakout Box
Video/Audio Breakout Cable:   $150

Single channel input PCI card: Composite and S-Video. 4 channel audio input (4 Balanced, 2 Unbalanced). Includes Stream LE software.
PRICE: $1000
(NOTE: We will beat all competitive prices. Call us at 1.610.921.5710)


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